Maximise the potential of land and property assets risk-free

Partnership arrangements to help Not-for-Profits, Public Sector, and Private organisations source new premises and maximise existing asset values through unlocking development potential

Feasibility studies
done for you

No up-front

Zero risk
to you


Sitting on land or property assets that aren’t being utilised to their full potential?

Many organisations have land and assets that aren’t fit for their needs or might have development potential that is yet to be realised. They may even have tried to get planning and failed, or considered partnering but not found a workable solution. It’s frustrating when you know there’s value in your assets, but you can’t see the best way to unlock it.

– Is your existing space too expensive or under performing?
– Is your land or property under-utilised?
– Are you struggling to maximising the value of your assets?
– Do you feel too short on the expertise or capital to move forward?

The problem is that potential is not always obvious, planning and development is complex and many organisations simply don’t have the expertise, or the financial resources, to explore all the options. So they end up stuck and frustrated or with land and property assets that don’t work as well for them as they should. Millbank Partnerships brings the expertise and removes the risk so that your needs and aspirations can become viable.

  • Land and
    Planning Experts

  • Ethical
    Property Developers

  • Co-investing

Turn dreams or liabilities into assets with planning and development advice, expertise and funding – with zero risk

We support our partners by funding up-front costs and creating planning value to unlock capital and fulfill property and operational requirements that would otherwise not be viable. We specialise in joint ventures and flexible partnering arrangements with the Not-for-Profit (NFP), community groups and private sectors.

Our partners include

Charities and trusts
Community groups

Public sector bodies

Housing Associations and RPs

We do this by

  • Working with industry partners to source, assemble and develop sites and buildings across the UK
  • Enhancing value by optimising development potential
  • From changing planning uses, introducing mixed-used schemes, designing and managing fit-outs, conversions, extensions and wholesale new builds and redevelopment
  • Releasing capital through sale and lease-backs and other financial restructuring
  • Deliver a wide range of projects, ranging from urban infill schemes to new build housing, commercial and community-focused mixed-use property developments

Building purchased unconditionally

Refurbished to partners requirement

Remainder held by Millbank

Our collaborations include

Property investment can feel risky when it’s not your area of expertise or even when it is!
Millbank Development Partners removes that risk by combining our skills as land experts, development consultants and developers with our understanding of investment finance to create real off-market opportunities, secure planning gains, and deliver excellent investment returns for our partners. We offer win-win strategies through joint ventures, equity or mezzanine investments, development management agreements and bespoke partnering agreements.

  • Identifying and procuring land and building opportunities to your exact requirements

  • Sensitive design and sustainable place making

  • Winning the best permissions and creating maximum planning value

  • Project and development management

  • Full support and partnering to get things built on time and on budget

The planning and development expertise you need

We are experts in every aspect of planning and development.
Part of the Millbank Group, our experience spans four decades so we know exactly what can and cannot be realistically achieved and how development projects should be sustainably designed and optimised to maximise profitability for you and your organisation.

Off-market site-finding

Optimum planning and design


Why Millbank Partnerships?

We overcome challenges for you

Where difficult ownership, legal or other issues exist, or if adjoining or other land is required to make a development proposal work, we are highly experienced in dealing with third party land purchases and land assembly, financial modelling, funding and optimising scheme designs.

If need be, we will negotiate with and buy out difficult parties to unlock development opportunities for you. We are always interested in exploring sites that may otherwise be regarded as redundant, difficult or problematic.

We work flexibly with you

We can co-invest with you (or fund 100%), and our partnerships can be structured to your specific needs, timescales and circumstances – all with no risk to you. This means short, medium and longer-term development and investment opportunities can be considered and unconditional purchases made if required.

We unlock hidden potential

Supported by the consultancy expertise of Millbank Land and the property development experience of Millbank Homes, we skilfully appraise, design and optimise a diverse range of property opportunities. We can often make things work where others have failed and have a strong track record in turning seemingly impossible situations into profitable opportunities.

We add value

Planning is becoming increasingly political and complex and our aim is to realise maximum value for our partners and clients by knowing exactly what can and cannot be realistically achieved. We are experts in development and planning consultancy, planning applications, appeals and public enquiries if necessary (although we try to avoid all of these) – we know the system inside and out.

Unlocking hidden value in your assets

We have direct access to the financial backing, skills and expertise to recognise, evaluate and maximise the value of opportunities that others fail to see – including the hidden value that you may be sitting on right now. By partnering with us you can get access to high quality advice, development expertise and funding, all at no upfront cost to you, through joint ventures and other flexible arrangements tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Some of the ways we achieve significant increases in the potential value of assets:


We can ensure the very best planning permissions are gained for your land, all at our cost. We do this based upon us sharing an agreed percentage of the uplift in the value that we add.

Planning + Development

We gain planning permission and undertake development of the planned scheme, all at our cost. We then let or sell some or all of the completed scheme and split the proceeds in pre-agreed percentages.

Full Lifecycle

If you can benefit from redevelopment of your land for your own occupation, we can gain planning permission, undertake development for you and agree our return based upon a percentage of the value created.

How we work with you


We are always looking to explore new opportunities, particularly on under-utilised or obsolete sites and properties where we can add value for owners or occupiers.

We do this by winning valuable planning permissions, improving old or existing permissions, arranging disposals or purchasing and developing. We can do this on a conditional, joint venture or unconditional basis, with no upfront costs required from our partners.

Not-for-Profit (NFP), Community Groups + Public Sector

Are you interested in achieving the Best Value (both social and economic) for your assets and delivering well-designed sustainable housing, commercial and community projects?

We help organisations meet their evolving property requirements and maximise asset values by enabling access to new opportunities, funding and property development expertise. We collaborate with our partners through innovative joint venture and flexible partnering arrangements, applying high-level expertise to deliver exceptional spaces that run smoothly.

Housing Associations + Registered Providers

We can support housing associations in taking early risks on projects that might otherwise be lost, by accessing off-market development opportunities and responding quickly to secure potential sites.

For example, Millbank Partnerships is able to purchase unconditionally, enter joint ventures and Design and Build contracts to deliver housing and mixed-use opportunities. Our joint ventures meet the needs of RPs and public sector bodies to create Best Value and maximise the potential of a development, often creating cross-subsidiaries for affordable housing where required and generating value to support projects.

Contractors + Consultants

Millbank Partnerships has a strong core of contractors, consultants and other industry experts that we work with.  We continue to look for, embrace and develop relationships with new contractors and consultants with excellent track records in site finding, architecture, planning and construction.

In return, we offer opportunities to deliver outstanding property development schemes, based on clear client briefs developed with our partners. If you’d like to discuss how your capabilities or expertise could be used to achieve superior returns whilst helping deliver much-needed housing, business, social and community projects get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Contaminated Green Belt site

Planning secured

Luxury homes constructed

New Build

Birch Grove 
Chalfont St Giles
Residential units 3
Joint venture with landowner

30 years of planning applications refused prior to our involvement

Make the most of your assets –
without any of the risk

We carry out all necessary feasibility studies, design and planning work at our cost.

When it is clear that significant value can be added we can become joint venture purchasers, partners or project managers, depending on the project, for the acquisition, development and delivery stages.

You remain in the driving seat, with full transparency every step of the way while we optimise the outcome for you.

Don’t let your lack of opportunities, under-utilised land or property hold back your success

If you need better space, own or control property or land assets that just don’t ideally fit with your current requirements, contact Millbank Partnerships and discover how you can unlock potential you didn’t even know existed.

Land wanted. Looking to sell?
Call today.

The acquisition of suitable land remains key to our growth and as such we are constantly looking for land.
We pay significant fees to introducers. If you own or have information regarding land that might be suitable
for development then we would like to hear from you.

We pay a £25,000 minimum fee for off-market introductions.