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Supporting landowners and developers with land agency, site finding, feasibility appraisals, housing layout, mix, design, place-making and planning advice. In short, everything you need to find and create maximum value from land and property.

Risk-free land sales
and acquisitions

Realistic and
reliable advice



Creating great land and development deals is hard work

Successful land deals only happen when the right site is acquired on the right terms.
The problem comes with identifying realistic opportunities where it’s possible to optimise value without wasting time and money on the wrong proposals or plans that will never be approved. Land acquisition, planning and development can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. Millbank Land provides tailored end-to-end solutions to ensure the process is smooth, efficient, and always cost-effective.

And we do it all with a focus on Building with Nature, increasing biodiversity, and working towards Net Zero.

Site acquired

Design optimised

Planning secured

Tailored solutions to maximise returns

Maximising land value is complicated and requires expert industry insight.
Without it you risk compromising on value, planning delays and refusals, or blighting the site with a negative planning history. Millbank Land delivers tailored solutions on the full spectrum of planning and development matters, to navigate design, political and technical obstacles and maximise your returns.

Our strategic and tactical advice is founded on knowledge and experience that spans four decades. And, because we’re out there doing deals ourselves and assisting other developers every day of the week, we have the most up-to-date insight on how changing and emerging policies are being applied and what’s working now.

We are renowned for

  • Optimising brownfield opportunities
  • Recycling redundant industrial, commercial and agricultural sites
  • Assembling complex land ownerships, promotion agreements and Joint-Ventures
  • Overcoming significant legal and technical constraints
  • Making impractical sites work where others cannot
  • Resolving difficult design, sustainability and affordable housing issues
  • Securing permissions on sites with negative planning histories
  • Reversing planning refusals
  • Our 100% track record of winning planning over four decades

We make land sales and acquisitions work for you by…

Researching the market

We identify the optimum value and development approach by carrying out detailed analysis on supply, demand and financial viability on both existing competition and future projects, establishing market trends in location, price, unit sizes, uses, living environments, ancillary facilities and property management.

Building relationships

Our no-nonsense yet honest approach results in excellent relationships with landowners and agents, planners, local politicians and community interest groups wherever we operate, ensuring effective engagement because a focus on negotiation and inclusion is more important than ever.

Optimal solutions

Our bespoke design and appraisal software combines design, unit mix optimisation, cost and value engineering to maximise development value for our clients.  We’ll help you achieve top sale prices or win openly-marketed and tendered sites, whilst maintaining excellent margins.

Up-front costs can be minimised through success-related fees and joint ventures or profit-share arrangements. Contact us for details.

Site acquired

Design optimised

Planning secured

Generating the best outcomes through

Land agency

Millbank Land’s expert team are ideally positioned to help you sell or acquire land and buildings with development potential.  We can work-up optimal schemes to manage the complete sale or purchase process for you.

We frequently do this on behalf of our landowner and developer clients and know exactly what it is that will generate the greatest price for your land or development opportunity.

Thinking of selling your land or development site? We could even be interested in buying ourselves – especially if you have a challenging site or negative planning history. We have a significant track record of success of winning planning approval and making deals work where others fail.

Maximising land values for you.


Millbank’s planning team provides landowners, occupiers, developers and investors with independent and commercially sound planning advice to deliver profitable, environment-enhancing and sustainable development projects.

We tailor our solutions to each client’s needs and provide a cost effective and responsive approach to instructions, guiding our clients through the complexities of the town planning system. Whether trying to unlock value through attaining, renewing or improving planning permissions, protecting existing asset values or negotiating with the local authority on land promotions or policy matters, we can help.


Millbank Land’s development experts appoint and manage full design, project and construction teams, providing a complete package of advice with a single point of contact for you.

We determine the optimum approach for development, review every characteristic of the site and identify key opportunities and constraints. In addition, having established any potential competition to the scheme, we identify ways to differentiate your project.

Our services include

  • Site and development appraisal
  • Housing layout, mix, density and design advice
  • Scheme optimisation and value-engineering
  • Affordable housing consultancy
  • Development viability and S106 negotiations
  • Sustainability appraisals
  • Building with Nature and biodiversity advice

Land sold Subject-to-Planning

Design optimised with purchaser team

Project management planning – competition

Our three-step process to getting you the best deal
(whether you’re buying or selling)


Using that research, we identify opportunities to maximise value of the land or development opportunity through optimum design and planning potential


We start with a detailed analysis of the constraints and opportunities of your site, carrying out full market, technical and planning research


We determine the best development approach and identify practical and innovative solutions to minimise costs, differentiate from any competition and maximise your returns

Risk-free solutions to maximise land values

Everyone wants the best deal on their land, but without insider insight you risk wasting £££s and delaying your land sale for many years.  Millbank Land offers risk-free solutions that deliver you the best return when selling your land or development site. Get in touch with our team today.

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