Land and property investment partnerships that work

Off-market and targeted land and development opportunities for discerning investors



Your risks


Finding the best investment opportunities,
or working the ones you already have, can be tough

Well sourced and properly managed property development projects have delivered attractive returns in recent years. Demand remains strong, but opportunities to invest in land and property with real development potential are finite, particularly in London and the South of England, restricted by:

– The cost and availability of viable land
– Frequent changes and delays to planning
– Increased development costs and programme delays

Land and property investment can be complex and frustrating. You need expert insight to identify the best off-market opportunities to invest as soon as they become available, or to make the most of situations you may already be involved with.

How are we different? We’re…

  • Land

  • Development

  • Property

  • Housebuilders

Mitigate investment risk with unrivalled off-market site finding and property development expertise

Property investment can feel risky when it’s not your area of expertise or even when it is!
Millbank Development Partners removes that risk by combining our skills as land experts, development consultants and developers with our understanding of investment finance to create real off-market opportunities, secure planning gains and deliver excellent investment returns for our partners. We offer win-win strategies through joint ventures, equity or mezzanine investments, development management agreements and bespoke partner agreements.

Off-market site secured

Maximum planning value added

Site traded-on

Delivering quality land, planning and development solutions to help people, businesses and communities grow

We’re part of the Millbank Group, comprising land acquisition and development consultants (Millbank Land), developers (Millbank Homes) and development partnering specialists (Millbank Partnerships).  We provide a straightforward, de-risked way to invest in land and property development – and deliver excellent de-risked returns.

Exemplary record in
land and planning

We have an exemplary track record of identifying opportunities, adding value and overcoming the most challenging and complex planning and development issues to deliver superior returns to investors and funding partners. We work on residential and mixed-use projects.


All projects are director-led to coordinate our in-house and external multi-disciplinary specialist teams. Our experts will take time to understand your objectives and what’s best for any site, property or portfolio, at any stage of acquisition, development, refinancing or disposal.

Unlocking value in challenging sites

We are always exploring new opportunities on underutilised and seemingly unviable sites or properties where we’re confident we can add value. We do this by winning lucrative planning permissions, improving old or existing permissions, arranging disposals on best terms or purchasing and developing to either sell or to hold.

As your investment partners we

  • Find and secure the very best off-market opportunities
  • Analyse property, planning and construction issues and assess the need for  rationalisation, change of uses or replanning
  • Optimise planning consents and carry out design assessments
  • Renegotiate and reduce Section 106 burdens
  • Complete financial viability assessments to justify affordable housing requirements
  • Investigate and negotiate the maximum introduction of grant or other funding into schemes where relevant
  • Explore opportunities for all income generating opportunities such as short-term advertising or car parking
  • Implement and manage strategies including appointment, coordination and management of full design, project and construction teams
  • Fully assess and identify exit options

Off-market land assembly

Maximum planning value added

Site traded-on

Getting the best deals done

How we work with investors

We provide off-market acquisition and development partnering arrangements at all stages, from the initial identification and inception of a project right through to completion, whether building to sell or building to rent. 

Our deal-based approach ensures our partners are immediately considered for selected development projects and enjoy the maximum level of flexibility to ‘take a view’ on a project-by-project basis.


We provide consultancy services on all aspects of investment and development acquisitions, construction and management, return performance and disposal in order to maximise profits whilst reducing negative market exposure and risk.

Whilst most of our projects involve short to mid-term investment, we value all of our investment partners as long-term relationships and are increasingly focusing on Build-To-Rent opportunities. We can also act as an intermediary.

Adding value

Leveraging the core expertise and experience of the wider Millbank Group, we have the ability to access 100% off-market and targeted opportunities. Maximum planning values are realised and development profits are achieved through comprehensive research, effective management of processes and the careful control of risk.

Our main areas of development expertise include:

  • Site finding and appraisal
  • Market evaluation
  • Development appraisal and financial modelling
  • Scheme optimisation
  • Structuring and funding acquisitions
  • Purchase negotiations and acquisitions
  • Negotiating and securing planning consent
  • Specification of development schemes
  • Development and project management
  • Sales, letting or refinancing negotiations through to completion.

How we work with lenders

Are you struggling with an unviable scheme?
Need advice on re-planning or injecting value into an existing site or scheme? Or are you looking for a co-investing development partner willing to build out and share the risk on a land or development project?

Millbank Development Partners can help.

We offer specialist advice and assistance to equity and mezzanine funders, banks and other financial institutions. By helping examine, devise, manage and deliver strategies for residential-led development schemes and land holdings charged as security, we ensure you harness and maximise the true potential of your assets.

Maximise your investment for minimum risk


Our team will take time to understand your objectives and needs for any site, property or portfolio and explain the options open to you.


When it is clear that significant value can be added we can become full or part purchasers, joint venture partners or project managers, depending on the project and what stage it’s at. 


You can have confidence you can invest soundly, with full transparency and industry expertise at your disposal every step of the way while we work to optimise the outcome for all parties.

Time to invest in property and land with confidence

Need a reliable investment source? Contact Millbank Development Partners and discover how you can get great returns on your investments when you work with real land and property experts.

Land wanted. Looking to sell?
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The acquisition of suitable land remains key to our growth and as such we are constantly looking for land.
We pay significant fees to introducers. If you own or have information regarding land that might be suitable for development
then we would like to hear from you.

We pay a £25,000 minimum fee for off-market introductions.