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    Millbank Partnerships is ideally positioned to unlock value in new or existing development opportunities

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Millbank Partnerships is committed to sharing the benefits of partnership with land owners, local authorities, housing associations and other public sector and community organisations.

By opting to share the risk and reward with us, we can give land owners and the public sector access to high quality advice, funding and expertise at minimal cost via our partnership approach.

Our team is made up of specialist property development experts who know and understand land and planning issues and the intricacies of operating in the public sector, including the domain of housing associations and registered social landlords (RSLs). We can leverage our close relationships with selected contractors and third-party consultants to provide quality and value for money, as well as utilising modern streamlined construction methods to build to the highest environmental standards, minimise waste and streamline construction schedules.

Dealing with Complicated Land Ownerships

We are highly experienced in dealing with third party land purchases and land assembly, financial modelling, optimising scheme design and tenure-mix. If need be, we will negotiate with and buy out difficult parties to unlock development opportunities.

Local Authorities and other Public Sector Organisations

We aim to establish relationships with local authorities and other organisations, developing these relationships for mutual benefit. Millbank Partnerships has the experience and flexibility to identify the most innovative solutions for working with you to deliver community, mixed-use and affordable social housing and intermediate tenures. We are able to cover up-front costs, to co-invest and to partner or work in a joint venture to support and deliver schemes on local authority, public sector or other land.

Housing Associations and Registered Providers

We can access off-market development opportunities and we also have the ability to respond quickly. This means we can secure potential sites and support housing associations and other clients and partners in taking early risks on projects that might otherwise be lost.

For example, Millbank Partnerships is able to purchase unconditionally, enter joint ventures and design and build contracts to deliver mixed tenure schemes and to take on the private housing or commercial elements of mixed-use opportunities.

Our joint ventures meet the needs of registered social landlords and public sector bodies to maximise the potential of a development, often creating cross-subsidiaries for affordable housing where required and generating value to support projects.

Working in Partnership with Local Communities

Millbank Partnerships places great value in achieving consensus between all partners involved in the planning, development and construction process.

When drafting development proposals our consultant teams and in-house experts engage at an early stage with local residents and other organisations. Then, separate from the local planning authority consultation process, we hold public exhibitions to illustrate and inform about current and future proposals and to ensure that local groups are well up-to-date. Any feedback from these sessions is then included in the planning process.

Consultation with all stakeholders has always been important to the Millbank Group. We make sure that local groups are continually informed of plans and progress and feedback is welcomed from tenants, the wider neighbourhood and community.

Our Sustainability page provides further details of our approach to maximizing the positive impact we make in society and in people's lives through environmental protection. It illustrates how we support economic growth through sustainable practices and social equity.

Above all we take a bespoke, flexible approach to building successful, sustainable relationships with our partners.

For further information on the benefits of working with Millbank Partnerships, please email the team.

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