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Millbank Partnerships work with property occupiers and owners, the not-for-profit (NFP) and public sectors, community groups and businesses.

We source and evaluate opportunities and enable the delivery of bespoke buildings and spaces which meet the operational, financial and social aspirations of our partners.

We are an innovative force in providing planning and development focused property solutions. Our approach enables the delivery of high quality stand alone and mixed-use schemes through original and responsive partnering arrangements with private, public and particularly not-for-profit (NFP) sector organisations.

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    Millbank Partnerships is ideally positioned to unlock value in new or existing development opportunities

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We make possible the fulfilment of our partners’ property requirements.

Our partners include charities, housing associations, local authorities and other public sector bodies. We also work in partnership with landowners, contractors and other property professionals.

We can fund up-front costs and purchase with, or for you.

We do this through joint ventures and other flexible arrangements tailor-made to suit your specific needs. As part of the Millbank Group, we have direct access to the financial backing, expertise and contacts to source, evaluate and maximise the value of opportunities that others fail to see.

Is your existing space too expensive or otherwise unsuitable?

We draw on our extensive knowledge and contacts in the land market, supported by the consultancy and development expertise of The Millbank Group. This allows us to source and evaluate both on-market and off-market land and property opportunities for our public housing, private and not-for-profit (NFP) sector partners who require the delivery of first class commercial and community premises.

By funding up-front costs, realising planning gains and often introducing mixed-uses, we make possible the delivery of spaces that would not be viable for our partners on a stand-alone basis.

Our range of private, public and NFP property development consultancy and partnering services includes:

  • Identifying and procuring land opportunities
  • Sourcing your exact requirements
  • Property and land acquisition
  • Development appraisal and viability assessment
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development costing and value engineering
  • Project and development management
  • Full support and partnering to final occupation and beyond

Partnering, funding and co-investing

As both a property development consultancy and a property developer in our own right, we work closely with joint venture partners in all sectors to source, acquire and develop land and property in what can often be complex situations. Millbank Partnerships’ value to our partners is based on the ability to leverage the core areas of expertise and the experience of The Millbank Group, working for both landowners and occupiers, as well as being independent developers ourselves, thereby benefiting from knowledge gained throughout the whole development lifecycle.

Millbank Partnerships offers a unique approach to property development and the delivery of bespoke spaces. We create solutions and add value by making better use of under-utilised land and property. We identify opportunities that in planning terms could increase in density, benefit from a change of planning use and/or more beneficial mix of uses, or otherwise evolve to our clients' and partners’ requirements.

We undertake to cover initial costs and project manage the planning application and development process.

We use this approach to deliver a range of business, commercial and community spaces, private, affordable and mixed tenure housing. This often includes sub-market rented and market-rent housing, plus shared ownership and other intermediate housing schemes.

Our expertise enables us to successfully transact a wide range of projects, ranging from urban infill schemes to new build mixed-use property developments, refurbishments and conversions. We can do this by either working as property development consultants or preferably by acquiring sites ourselves either on a stand-alone basis or by entering into joint venture initiatives with our clients and partners.

Working with The Public Sector

Are you are interested in achieving best value for your assets and delivering sustainable housing, community and social projects? Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Working with Landowners

Are you are interested in maximising the value of your assets with no financial input or risk on your part? Contact us now to discuss the options.

Working with the Not-For-Profit Sector and Businesses

Do you need new or improved spaces? Do you own or occupy under-performing or unsuitable property or are struggling to make your aspirations viable? If the answer is yes contact us now to find out what we can do together.

Working with Contractors and Consultants

If you’d like to discuss how your capabilities or expertise could be used to achieve superior returns whilst helping deliver much-needed housing, business, social and community projects get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

For further information on our property development partnership services, whether for the NFP, public or private sectors throughout London and the South East please contact us now.

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