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    Millbank Partnerships is ideally positioned to unlock value in new or existing development opportunities

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Working with the Not-For-Profit (NFP) and Third Sector

Millbank Partnerships enables the delivery of high quality spaces through innovative joint venture and partnering arrangements. We achieve this in collaboration with our clients and partners in the private and not-for-profit (NFP) sectors. This enables organisations we work with to meet and exceed their evolving property requirements by accessing opportunities, funding and property development expertise that would otherwise not be available.

We recognise that every organisation has unique needs and every property is different. Applying high-level expertise, rooted in the long established property experience of the Millbank Group, enables development-led projects to run smoothly and with transparency.

How We Add Value

Maximum value can often be added by knowing exactly what can and cannot be realistically achieved within the constraints of the Town Planning System. Planning is becoming increasingly political and complex and our aim from the outset is to realise maximum value for our partners and clients by providing both strategic and tactical advice founded on knowledge and experience. We are experts in development and planning consultancy, planning applications, appeals and public enquiries - we know the system inside and out.

The Not-For-Profit Sector

The NFP sector is a key and growing part of our business and we aim to support the following key sub-sectors: charities and trusts, youth organisations, schools and further education colleges, industrial and provident societies, trade unions, member associations, clubs and other NFP and Third Sector bodies. Our knowledgeable and experienced team form effective partnerships that address the specific property requirements and challenges of our NFP sector partners.

These partnerships allow our NFP sector partners to identify, secure, fund and develop opportunities on new or existing sites to meet their requirements. They benefit from the full support of Millbank Partnerships' experienced and proactive development consultants, developers and joint venture partners who deliver the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

The Private Sector

We offer the same benefits and level of professionalism to clients and partners in the private sector. These could be businesses, office occupiers, retailers or other commercial organisations who aim to rationalise, own or occupy the right space at the right cost.

When you discuss your requirements with us we'll help you create an opportunity that matches your expectations

By working closely with NFP and private sector partners from the outset, our experienced team can help you source new or alternative premises and unlock development potential and value in either existing or new sites.

As well as researching off-market or restricted market opportunities to allow the negotiation of optimal purchase prices, our property development consultants look to enhance value by exploiting development potential - from changing planning uses, designing and managing fit-outs, conversions , extensions and wholesale new builds and redevelopments.

We carry out all necessary feasibility studies, design and planning work at our cost

When it is clear to everyone that significant value can be added we can then become joint venture purchasers, partners or project managers, depending on the specific project, for the acquisition, development and delivery stages.

Our partners remain in the driving seat and everything is open-book and transparent.

For further information on our property development services contact us to find out more.

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