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We think carefully about how we develop

Recognising that we have important responsibilities to protect resources and enhance the environment, we adhere to clear policies for managing the environmental aspects of everything we do in our business.

This begins when we first identify a potential site and put together development proposals.

We carefully consider the following key issues before purchasing any site:

  • The existing land use
  • Minimising any negative impact on the environment and seeking opportunities for environmental enhancements, concentrating on areas where there is most room for improvement
  • The visual impact of our development on its surroundings
  • Implications for biodiversity and sustainable development
  • Meeting and exceeding government targets for the redevelopment of brownfield sites
  • Meeting and exceeding government and local authority standards for EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes

The house building process has the potential to impact the environment in numerous ways. However, steps can be taken to minimise potential negative impacts, incorporate ecological benefits and encourage the reduction of wasted raw materials and energy.

Once a decision is made to proceed with a development, in-depth consideration is then given to issues such as:

  • Providing environmental benefits
  • Minimising nuisance from construction activities
  • Preventing pollution on and from, development sites
  • The consumption of resources throughout the development process
  • The consumption of resources once homes are occupied

Through this approach we ensure that on completion of a development, an attractive and sustainable new environment is created that has not wasted raw materials, and that uses the very best sustainable materials and construction techniques in order to minimise the consumption of resources.

How We Provide Our Buyers With Greener Homes

We aim to build homes that are efficient and sustainable as well as comfortable and well designed. This is achieved by putting the following considerations at the heart of how we plan and design our developments, from initial concept to designing the final finishing touches:

  • Increasing South facing rooms and sun spaces and reducing North facing apertures at the initial design phase, thereby overcoming issues such as cold bridging, heat loss and poor air quality
  • Using high levels of insulation and carefully selected greener living materials on external and internal walls, thereby influencing home performance and reducing heating bills and noise pollution
  • Designing ventilation such as breathing wall technologies and controlled ventilation to reduce air leakage and improve air quality
  • Maximising natural light wherever possible and optimising heat gained through sunlight
  • Using high quality windows to reduce heat loss and noise pollution
  • Using low energy light fittings and white goods
  • All timber used in Millbank Homes developments is Forestry Stewardship Certified (or equivalent) and is from managed sustainable sources
  • Our homes incorporate renewable energy sources like solar panels and ground source heat pumps as well as ecological enhancements such as rainwater harvesting, green roofs and the improvement of wildlife habitats

Through this careful and creative design approach, Millbank Homes encourages greener living and creates sustainable, vibrant homes and communities that enhance the surrounding area, while minimising any adverse environmental impacts associated with development.

Developing brownfield sites offers significant sustainability benefits through the recycling of land, the clean-up of contaminated sites, and assisting environmental, social and economic regeneration.

100% of our developments are built on brownfield land.

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