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    The Millbank Group’s connections within the property industry provide a fully integrated development, planning and advisory service

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The Millbank Group’s approach is to maximise the positive impact we make in society and in people’s lives through environmental protection, economic growth through sustainable practices, and social equity.

This is a responsibility we take very seriously. Within our Group Sustainability Charter, we have developed policies to measure our performance in environmental impact, health and safety, quality assurance and community development.

We set high standards for reducing the overall carbon footprint of the homes and properties we build and the development projects we advise upon, and that of The Millbank Group itself.

Key elements of our sustainability strategies include:

  • All planning and design work is assessed in terms of the impact it may have on local communities and the environment.
  • We build and advise on the building of homes and developments that generate minimum waste, dispose of waste responsibly and use recycled and sustainable resources wherever possible.
  • We monitor our energy consumption as a business and on each specific home and building project.
  • We monitor our reuse and recycling of all materials in our projects for optimum sustainability.
  • The schemes we advise upon and those that we develop are reviewed internally for whole-life sustainability, use of sustainable resources, reduction of energy consumption and the minimisation of pollution and environmental impact.

We encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials, modern methods of sustainable construction, renewable energy products such as solar panels, ground source heat pumps, combined heat and power and ecological enhancements such as rainwater harvesting, green roofs and the improvement of wildlife habitats.

The Culture of Sustainability

  • The subject of sustainability is made relevant and meaningful to everyone within our business through the use of key performance indicators and its inclusion in performance targets.
  • By enabling the building of homes, business and community spaces, and carrying out sustainable business operations, The Millbank Group ensures that its developments deliver optimum efficiency and longevity and protect and enhance our environment and communities.
  • Sustainability is highlighted to our external business partners and collaborators through our selection and appointment criteria.
  • The Millbank Group endeavours to surpass environmental standards set by the government.

Historically, Millbank Homes have built to EcoHomes’ ‘Very Good’ standard or the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 as a minimum, irrespective of whether planning or other conditions require it.

100% of The Millbank Group’s independent developments are built on brownfield land.

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