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    Millbank Development Partners are ideally positioned to unlock value in new or existing development opportunities

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About Millbank Development Partners

Millbank Development Partners provide access to excellent off-market opportunities and provide superior returns for our partners by leveraging the land and development expertise of the Millbank Group.

We are land experts, development consultants and property developers specialising in joint ventures and flexible partnering arrangements with funders and investors.

As part of The Millbank Group we are in a unique position. The group comprises land acquisition and development consultants (Millbank Land), developers (Millbank Homes) and development partnering specialists (Millbank Partnerships).

As a result, we have the full range of in-house skills required to offer off-market opportunities and superior returns to investors and funding partners.

Close liaison between the various parts of the Millbank Group ensures that profitable and value-enhancing opportunities are not overlooked. We offer creative and lateral thinking to provide the best solutions for our chosen partners.

We offer a range of development and investment solutions which can be tailored to suit you

Opportunities can be structured in a number of ways, including joint ventures, equity or mezzanine investments, development management agreements or bespoke partnering agreements.

How you can benefit from a Millbank Development Partnership

Over the last decade the Millbank Group have evolved an exemplary track record of identifying opportunities, overcoming the most challenging and complex planning and development issues.

Because we have in-depth market knowledge, technical understanding of the planning and development process and how this can be used to add maximum value, we are ideally placed to identify, advise on and react to opportunities.

We believe in win-win flexible and innovative partnering and funding solutions

The development industry has significantly changed in recent years driven by a limited number of viable and attractive opportunities, frequently changing planning and affordable housing requirements, and the decreased availability of mortgages and development finance.

MDP has been established in order to capitalise on changing market circumstances. Our win-win partnership strategies offer new and creative ways to generate off-market opportunities and maximise returns.

Unique opportunities

We are always exploring new opportunities particularly on underutilised and seemingly unviable sites or other properties where we are confident we can add value. We do this by winning valuable planning permissions, improving old or existing permissions, arranging disposals on the best terms or purchasing and developing-out.

If you are interested in realising superior returns by investing in development opportunities not available in the wider market place get in touch now

Are you a funder struggling with an unviable scheme? If so, we can help…

If you need advice on re-planning or value engineering, or a co-investing development partner willing to build-out and share the risk on an existing land or development project contact us now

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